HOA Board Responsibilities in Bend, Oregon

HOA Board Responsibilities in Bend, Oregon

With nearly 400,000 communities in the country accounting for 40 million homeowners, HOAs have become one of the most popular ways of life for Americans.

Living in an HOA brings with it countless benefits, such as increased property values, community safety, and access to amenities. How your HOA benefits you will depend on how productive your HOA board is.

Whether you're looking at joining the HOA board of directors or you have concerns about your HOA board, it's important to learn as much as possible about HOA duties. Today, we're going to explain some of the main HOA board responsibilities.

If your Bend community association is going to thrive, you need a strong board. Keep reading and learn exactly what that means.

Maintain Common Areas

One of the primary responsibilities of an HOA board is to ensure that common areas are well-maintained. This includes parks, landscaping, and sidewalks, as well as any other amenities you may have in your community.

The HOA board will have to coordinate with local vendors to arrange regular maintenance. They'll have to do so with the budget that they have based on incoming HOA fees. If there are plans for long-term improvements, they'll need to arrange these in advance and factor them into the budget.

Ensure HOA Rules and Regulations Are Followed

Following rules and regulations is an important aspect of living in an HOA and why most people decide to join one. For board members, however, this is often the most difficult part of the job. You're always going to have members that don't think the rules apply to them.

Common regulations for HOAs include things like mowing your lawn on a regular basis, being quiet after certain hours, and parking in designated spots. When rules are broken, the HOA board is responsible for ensuring regulations are understood and followed moving forward.

Conflict Resolution

Rules and regulations often lead to conflicts between community members. Should a conflict arise, whether it's regarding a broken rule or something else, the HOA board has to get involved.

This is done in an effort to avoid legal cases or police involvement. A good HOA board will maintain some form of harmony in the community.

Deal With the Financial Side of the HOA

You pay your HOA fees with the expectation that the money is going towards the common good of all members. HOA board members are responsible for accounting and determining how funds should be spent.

If you feel that your HOA board isn't spending the funds properly, it can cause major issues in the community. They need to be responsible and transparent with the allocation of HOA money.

How an HOA Manager Can Help Your HOA Board

So, these are the primary responsibilities of an HOA board. It may not sound like rocket science, but it's a lot to take on when you're a volunteer, which most HOA board members are. If you're concerned about the direction of your HOA board, it might be time to hire community association management.

At PMI Central Oregon, we can run your HOA in a more effective manner. As one of the top property managers in the country, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to operate an HOA. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how they can improve your community.