How Property Managers in Bend, Oregon, Do a Tenant Criminal Background Check

How Property Managers in Bend, Oregon, Do a Tenant Criminal Background Check

You have a vacant apartment that you hope to fill soon, and the first step is accepting applications.

Next, you move on to tenant screenings. Of course, these are vital for selecting great tenants, but they also take work.

You need to check multiple things, including performing a tenant criminal background check. Did you know that property managers do these for landlords?

Continue reading to learn how they conduct these.

The Importance of a Tenant Criminal Background Check

If you're new to managing rental properties, look for the best landlord tips to follow. The first you'll find is the importance of tenant screenings.

You have two ways to protect yourself when leasing a rental house to a person. First, require a security deposit. Secondly, screen every applicant.

Screening a tenant with a criminal background check helps you choose better tenants. You can avoid renting units to people with violent criminal records, keeping your properties safer.

Once you find great tenants, you can focus on ways to retain them. Retaining excellent tenants reduces the vacancies and the need to run background checks on new tenants.

Acquire the Necessary Information

A property management firm begins the process by acquiring the necessary information. This includes several things.

First, you need the tenant's information, such as their name, address, and birthdate. Property managers need these details to find the right person during the background check.

Next, you need the tenant's consent. You must ask the tenant to sign a waiver allowing you to conduct a background screening. It is illegal to do this without the person's consent.

Use Tenant Screening Services

Some property managers might conduct the screenings themselves. However, most hire a company that offers tenant screening services.

The property manager chooses a company for these services. Then, they use the same company each time. These companies offer effective and thorough results.

A criminal background check will reveal all the crimes on the person's record. However, it will not include expunged charges. The court hides charges after approving an expungement for a person.

Review the Results

Once conducted, the property manager will give you the results. Learning the red flags to look for is helpful as a landlord. For example, a person with a history of violent crimes might not be the best tenant for your units.

You can research multiple tenants if you accept multiple applications for each unit. This process allows you to find the best possible tenant for your unit.

Learn More About Property Management Services

A tenant criminal background check reveals a person's criminal history. As a landlord, you must do your best to keep your properties safe for everyone. Therefore, performing background checks is critical.

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